Woman found dead in her home

A retired nurse died at home alone while watching TV.

Pierette Ribouchon, 70, of Quarry Heights, Quarry Hill, St Leonards, was found dead at her address by police after a friend raised concerns that she had not heard from her in a while.

An inquest into the pensioner’s death was held on Tuesday (March 31) at Hastings Magistrates’ Court. Miss Ribouchon, who was French, was found dead on November 24 last year.

Police had to force entry into Miss Ribouchon’s property because they could not get any response from her.

PC Rebecca Wood said: “A friend raised the alarm. She was from London and could not get an answer on the phone, which was unusual.

“I would say she had been dead for at least a couple of weeks.

“The television was on and she was sitting in the chair as if watching it.

“I got the impression she was a bit of a recluse as her friend said she did not go out often, only to get food.”

Dr Stanford Mathe, pathologist, who carried out the post-mortem examination on Miss Ribouchon, said her body was in a ‘moderate’ state of decomposition.

In a statement read out during Tuesday’s inquest, he said: “There was not enough evidence available to give any clues as to what she died of. I could not get an idea of when the actual death took place but it was a considerable time before she was found. The cause of death therefore was unknown because of decomposition.”

Coroner Alan Craze concluded that Miss Ribouchon died of natural causes.