Woman dozes off while fire burns in kitchen

A PENSIONER calmly answered her front door and let firefighters in to extinguish a blaze which she had missed after falling asleep.

Neighbours of the woman in Tower Road West, St Leonards rang 999 ta 10pm last night (THURS)after smelling smoke coming from her basement flat.

The woman, aged in her 60s, had fallen asleep and left an electric overn ring on while dozing off.

The heat ignited tea towels left near the oven and causing smoke to rise out of the kitchen.

As the woman had no smoke alarm it was the quick-thinking of her neighbours that alerted the fire service.

Firefighters put out the fire and vented the property before erecting a smoke alarm for the householder.

Bohemia Road fire station watch commander Jamie Wisby said: “If it was not for the quick-thinking of the neighbours this could have been a much more serious incident.

“We would urge everyone to check whether their smoke alarm is working and if not get a new one fitted. Otherwise the consequences could be very severe.”