Woman and two children rescued from their beds in smoke-filled house

A WOMAN and her two children had to be rescued from their sleep by firefighters after a cooker was left on overnight causing the house to be filled with smoke.

A passing policeman heard a smoke alarm sounding at the house in Waterside Close in Broomgrove, Hastings at 3am today.

The officer called in the fire service and an engine from the Ridge station was dispatched.

Four firefighters using breathing apparatus broke down the front door and carried out a search of the smoke-filled three bedroom property.

They found the mother unconscious in her bed and a boy and a girl aged under 10 in their beds.

All three were carried out of the house to safety where they were treated for smoke inhalation before being taking to the Conquest Hospital for treatment.

The house was then vented. The cause of the smoke was a cooker being left on overnight.

Ridge station watch commander Peter Everett said: “If it was not for that passing policeman hearing the smoke alarm then we could have been dealing with a very serious situation.

“The mother was unconscious already and it thankfully the children had not been overcome.

“We managed to get them out safely and they were taken to hospital.