(Wo)man’s best friend: dog lovers needed for Murphy

An elderly lady struggling to care for her beloved pet dog has become the focus of a charity appeal to keep the two together.

Marrion Wells, a pensioner living alone in Fairlight, relies on Murphy, her good-natured black labrador, for companionship but also safety: police advised her to keep him after pointing out the rural location of her home.

Struggling to take care of Murphy, Marrion contacted the Cinnamon Trust, who work to keep pets and their elderly or terminally ill owners together.

“If you have an animal to look after you will look after that animal and therefore look after yourself,” said Marrion. “Murphy means a great deal to me, as anyone with a pet will tell you.”

The Cinnamon Trust are now appealing for anyone in the Fairlight or Ore area who may be able to help Marrion walk Murphy, who at 10-years-old is himself a pensioner, to step forward. Weekend help is particularly needed.

Sally Collins, who organises appeals at the Cinnamon Trust, said: “People’s animals mean a lot to them and we try and keep them together for as long as possible.”

She added the trust, based in Cornwall, aims to, “relieve the owners of any worry concerning the welfare of their pets both during and after their own lifetime.”

Two appeals are currently running in the Hastings area, which Sally described as historically “not great” for providing volunteers. Those wanting to help can contribute in lots of ways: an occasional house visit or dog walk, or “fostering” Murphy for a day or two.

For information contact Sally direct on 01736 758707 or email sallycollins@cinnamon.org.uk .