Winkle tossing helps good causes

Winkle Tossing 1 SUS-170708-093101001
Winkle Tossing 1 SUS-170708-093101001

As part of their contribution to Old Town Week, the famous Hastings Winkle Club organised a re-enactment of the ancient game of ‘Winkle Tossing’.

The game of skill involved the throwing of winkles into different sized containers. For two hours on Winkle Island on the afternoon of Sunday July 30.

Winkle Tossing 2 SUS-170708-093113001

Winkle Tossing 2 SUS-170708-093113001

The event attracted a steady stream of contestants anxious to try their luck and hoping to win the coveted first prize, Trophy and certificate.

It father and son who eventually triumphed. The winning score was achieved by Stuart Homewood in the Adult section and his son, Ewan, took the Junior title.

Vice Chairman of the Winkle Club Richard Stevens said: “We had a great afternoon on Winkle Island and this simple game which we know was played over 100 years ago proved still to be very popular.

“We also raised a useful sum for Winkle Club local charities.”

The Winkle Club also held a charity crazy golf tournament last week.

Winkle Tossing was just one of the quirky events taking place during the week-long celebrations. Others included a whelk eating contest, a seaboot race and a gurning competition in memory of popular local character Ron ‘Popeye’ Everett.

Two contrasting events in Courthouse Street were a cheese and wine afternoon and a slap-up bangers and mash feast, organised by High Street Traders and Dee Day White.

The Winkle Club was founded more than 100 years ago with the aim of helping poor families in the local fishing community.