Wild Life festival noise reduction bid rejected

COUNCILLORS have rejected an appeal from residents bidding to impose lower noise level limits on future Wild Life festivals (Thursday, September 10).

Thursday, 29th October 2015, 2:10 pm
W24C wild life festival in Shoreham on June 6/7 SUS-150906-135532001

Adur District Council licensing committee considered the review from the Shoreham Society on Tuesday.

The review was rejected, with interested parties informed today.

Chair of licensing Emma Evans said: “After hearing evidence from the Shoreham Society and ​Wild Life promoters SJM, the committee voted to reject the application for the review of the Wild Life licence but have agreed on a series of conditions in approving a licence for SJM to hold the music festival in June 2016.

“The hearing was at times ‘lively’ however, overall I felt that everyone had the chance to put their concerns across to the festival organisers and their sound experts.

“I am pleased that the licence holder’s sound expert has offered to address the bass levels and is seeking practical ways to reduce its effect for next year’s event.

“Finally I look forward to welcoming the Wildlife Festival back to Adur in 2016 and am confident that the majority of our local residents and businesses feel the same.”

The Shoreham Society had called for lower sound limits to be imposed on the two-day event at Shoreham Airport, after a survey of 142 residents found 24 per cent rated noise levels as ‘unacceptable’.

But organisers SJM, along with Adur District Council’s environmental health officer, argued the levels were suitable, with SJM warning reducing them The amendments to the conditions, agreed by SJM, add to the requirements of managing noise on-site.

SJM told councillors at the review that they were also planning to introduce new speakers at future events, which would decrease the disruption caused by bass noise.

In a statement on the society’s website, chairman Gerard Rosenberg said: “We’re sure the councillors took all the information into account to reach their decision. Our aim was to ensure that the local residents who had serious concerns about the noise were given a voice in the review process, and we are pleased we had the opportunity to do that.

“We are particularly pleased that the review process has resulted in a commitment by the organisers to make effective improvements to their noise control measures, so hopefully there will be less disturbance for neighbours next year - just what we wanted.”

David O’Connell, manager of the Shoreham Allstars, a group of young musicians who performed at the event, welcomed the committee’s decision.

He said: “I think it’s a great result. It’s also good to know that, even before the meeting took place, SJM had already agreed to the improvements to the sound quality through talks with the council – it just shows they really have the best interests of the Shoreham residents in mind.”

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