Whole new career is unfolding for Charles

Charles Honnor from Robertsbridge with one of his creations
Charles Honnor from Robertsbridge with one of his creations

A NEW career could unfold for a talented student after he mastered the ancient Japanese art of origami.

Charles Honnor, aged 18, is fast becoming an ‘A-4’ grade student when it comes to studying papers.

And the Sussex Coast College student’s skills certainly put him top of the class when it comes to attention to detail. The teenager from Robertsbridge has already started to make money out of his hobby.

He is now hoping to turn his skills into a business opportunity.

“It all started about two Christmases ago,” said Charles. “I got a book as a present from my nan on how to make boats out of paper.

“I was doing quite well at that so I starting doing some more challenging ones.”

Since these humble beginnings, Charles’ models have become more varied and complex.

Along with highly detailed animals, including a frog and praying mantis, he also specialises in fantasy figures, including dragons and Star Wars favourite Yoda.

His prized piece is an elaborate origami swan which is made of thousands of different pieces and took him several days to complete.

Some models can take half an hour to complete with the aid of instructions, although Charles says he can do some particularly easy ones by memory.

These take as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Charles, who is studying Health and Social Care at Sussex Coast College, sold some of his models at a market in Robertsbridge shortly before Christmas.

The models sold for between 50p and £5, earning Charles £100.

And he is hoping to turn his art into a nice little earner.

He added: “My dad gave me the idea of selling these models at Christmas and is supportive of what I have done with my models. I have sold quite a lot. More than I thought I would.”

Charles, who does not currently have a job, says he would like to turn his talent into a business opportunity.

He said: “It would be nice to have a business out of it. There’s not many people who know I can do it.

“There’s not many people who know I have this talent and it would be great to show just what I can do.”

Anyone interested in finding out more, or commissioning Charles to make an origami model for them, can email him at cwfhonnor@hotmail.co.uk.