White witch to be in TV sketch show

Kevin Carlyon with camera crews filming at his St Leonards home
Kevin Carlyon with camera crews filming at his St Leonards home

A WHITE witch is to feature in an upcoming TV sketch show.

Kevin Carlyon, of Dane Road, St Leonards, has been asked to star in Boom Town, a docu-soap set in a fictional town.

The 30-minute show, which is due to air its pilot next month on BBC Three, will be made up of real people documenting their real-life exploits in their daily life and professions, rather like a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

Mr Carlyon, 53, is one of a few characters to be chosen for the entire series, which is expected to feature 13 episodes. Film crews visited the paranormal researcher’s home and filmed in Hastings recently but it was this week he found out he is to star in the whole series.

Mr Carlyon said: “Although the series is tongue in cheek it will increase my media visibility and also get across the message on what I am about in a humorous sort of way. Let’s face it, more locals remember me for my Loch Ness exploits than the serious programmes that I’ve done but that’s fine with me, as it still brings in Tarot readings.”

Boom Town will be entirely fictional and the people will appear to live there as a community. Fake road signs and carefully selected geography shots will all help create this illusion. The show is to be cast all across the UK, with those starring in it having their own catchphrases, eccentricities and larger than life personalities, none of which will be scripted for them. Karl Warner, executive producer, said: “Boom Town will be the first sketch show to make stars out of real people. Some of the characters we’ve already met are laugh-out-loud funny and would sit well in any scripted comedy.” Jonathan Stadlen, executive producer for Knickerbockerglory TV, which is producing the programme, said: “Using real people to create a documentary sketch show is a unique challenge from a genre point of view, but we are all really excited about working on such a radical departure in terms of form.”