What do you think of new lights on seafront?

The new hi-tech lights installed on Hastings seafront
The new hi-tech lights installed on Hastings seafront
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NIGHT-TIME visitors to the seafront will be met with a rainbow of colour following the switching-on of these new hi-tech £100,000 decorative lights.

The state-of-the-art system can be programmed remotely and are more energy efficient than their predecessors.

The lights stretch from Robertson Street to London Road and were switched on last Thursday (March 22).

Hastings Mayor Cllr Kim Forward ceremonially counted down the switch on into a mobile phone, with the lights turned on by 11-year-old Christopher Clayton some distance away in a council office.

Lead member for amenities Cllr Trevor Webb said: “The old lighting system was, frankly, past its use-by date. It was expensive to run, and difficult to maintain.

“The new lights are much more energy efficient, each set of lights using just 72 watts of power, compared to the old system’s 300 watt. So we’re cutting energy consumption and CO2 emissions by more than 75 per cent.

“Each computer controlled lamp contains a cluster of LEDs which can create countless shades and permutations of colour and lighting effects, ranging from static single colours to moving waves of rainbow effects.

“We are looking forward to exploiting this through the summer.

“The work will be completed during the coming days, and when complete some 33 pairs of lights stretching almost one kilometre will be colourfully illuminating the seafront.

“The cost has been met by Hastings Borough Council, and the Foreshore Trust.

“I would like to thank Architainment Ltd, which was responsible for the lighting display design, and main contractor Colas Electrical Ltd, which has done a tremendous job.