Website for Ore is set up for residents

A NEW website for Ore has been launched with the aim of ensuring that residents are aware of the wealth of resources, events and activities available to them.

Ore Community was made possible thanks to £250 from the Big Local North East Hastings small grants scheme.

The website is the brainchild of Graham Hodgson, of Amberstone Close, who is also a member of the communications team for Big Local North East Hastings, a programme which will see at least £1 million spent in the area over a 10-year period.

Graham said: “I first thought of setting up a website a couple of years back, to do with trying to connect community centres together, and I have taken this opportunity with Big Local to go ahead.

“A common complaint from residents is that they do not know what services, facilities, activities and events are on offer, and I am hoping people will get behind the website in order to transform it into a valuable community resource. It is to be an open book for any organisation in Ore to find out what they need to know, a one-stop shop for people who want to know what’s going on in the area.”

The idea behind Big Local, which is a nationwide programme, is to bring funds to 150 areas of the UK where there is a high level of need but historically has been a low number of applications for Lottery money.

The money comes from the Big Lottery Fund and the programme is being delivered by Local Trust, with a resident-led partnership leading the project locally.

In total £5,000 has been distributed to community groups and organisations in recent months through the first small grants scheme, with an action plan to be submitted soon to Local Trust in order to access larger chunks of money.

Jackie Gaunt, manager of Oasis Community Project, based at Broomgrove Community Centre, said residents were beginning to respond well to the idea of Big Local North East Hastings. She said: “I think people are beginning to talk about it more, and are beginning to come up with ideas.”

To contact Graham with ideas or contributions for the Ore Community website, email or visit