Water firm is top of the stops over leakages

A WATER company has won a top industry award for its work in finding and stopping leaks.

Southern Water and its suppliers PN Daly and RPS Water scooped the Partnership Award at the recent Water Industry Achievement Awards in Birmingham.

The company teamed up with PN Daly and RPS Water in early 2012, to help meet the industry regulator Ofwat’s leakage target.

The partnership and new technologies led to that target being beaten by 10 per cent.

The reduction across the company’s network of more than 13,000km of water mains, where the majority of leaks are underground and out of sight, elevated Southern Water to being the best performing water and sewerage company for leakage.

New technologies which contributed to the success included automatic leak alarms which automatically detect leaks on customers’ supply pipes.

All 6,000 of its flow and pressure data loggers are being replaced.

These devices automatically send flow and pressure information to a control centre to help detect where leaks occur.

The existing system reports only once a day but the new advanced loggers report every 30 minutes.

This data is then passed to the two companies working in the field so repairs can be made more quickly.

Geoff Loader, Southern Water’s director of communications, said: “Reducing leakage is one of the water industry’s top priorities.

“This award is a fantastic endorsement of the hard work we, PN Daly and RPS Water have put in to finding and plugging leaks. And of the success we have achieved in reducing our leakage to industry-leading levels.”

The 8th awards ceremony took place on April 1.