Water company freezes its price tariff for 2014

THE PRICE of water for South East Water customers will remain the same as the previous 12 months – according to the company.

Residents will pay an average household water bill of £201 – the same as last year.

And South East Water is encouraging locals to go online to find out more about how water bill payments are helping to improve the supply in the local area.

By visiting www.southeastwater.co.uk customers can discover answers to questions about how water bills are set, and South East Water’s work to deliver clean, safe drinking water for just 55 pence a day.

Steve George, customer services director, said: “Our staff work around the clock ensuring top quality water reaches customers’ taps, and investment from water bills helps us to continue to improve our service to customers.

“We are about to start the final year of our five-year £390 million programme of investment which runs until 2015, and which is vital to ensure we continue to secure customers’ water supplies while also protecting the environment.”

During 2014-15 £95 million is to be invested to improve the network of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works, as well as develop new water resources.

“This will help maintain drinking water supplies which are among the best in Europe and protect it in the longer term for the region’s growing population.”

Mr George, mindful of the increased cost of living and energy bills, added: “We believe that keeping the average cost for drinking water at just 55 pence per day remains excellent value for money, but we do appreciate that some of our customers may be experiencing financial difficulties and so we have measures in place to help those customers facing real hardship.”

The prices charged for water supply are set by the industry regulator Ofwat which assesses how much money is need to cover the costs of running our business and maintaining and improving our network of pipes, pumping stations or treatment works.

Water bills are helping to pay for an investment of £390 million in South East Water services between 2010 and 2015.
It aims to ensure drinking water remains of the highest quality and the water main network and treatment works are maintained and improved. Customers worried about their bill are urged to get in touch sooner rather than later.

Further information on the range of payment options available can be found at www.southeastwater.co.uk.