Warning over potential scam calls

Police in Hastings have received reports from concerned residents over possible scam phone calls.

Officers said four reports were made to them on Monday (December 29).

The first report was of a phone call that had been received from someone alleging they were from Visa claiming that a digital camera had been bought with the person’s bank card and that 999 should be called straight away. The person called their bank to cancel their cards just in case.

The second report described a call from a phone company claiming the person was able to claim a refund and then made reference to using Western Union bank at which point the person became suspicious and hung up.

The third one stated that someone from a serious fraud squad had phoned stating that there was a lot of fraud around at the moment and insisted on asking questions about the person’s bank and cards. The call was terminated straight away.

The last report involved someone ringing up, claiming to be from Birmingham police to say that the person’s card had been used in Birmingham and asked confirmation of their bank details and how far away their bank was from their home.

The person felt these questions were odd and finished the call.

Inspector Dan Russell, of the Hastings Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “All the people who received these suspicious calls acted in the right way. They did not give in to the pressure from the callers by giving away their bank details which could have led to money being taken from their accounts. I am reassured that these people called police and followed good advice.

“Never give your bank details to anyone who calls you. If the caller says to put down your phone handset and call police or a bank - leave at least 10 minutes to make sure that the line is clear. A clever fraudster will sometimes keep the line open so you could end up speaking to the same person. Please be aware of suspicious calls.”