Warning over bogus callers

Police are urging residents to look out for suspicious callers after a man claimed he worked for a water company in order to get into the home of an elderly couple in Hastings.

At about 1pm on Friday (January 9) the man visited the couple in Linley Drive and said he needed to test their water for chlorine content.

Initially the couple offered to take the samples themselves but the man insisted he do it personally.

The man was allowed in and shown through to the kitchen where he filled three bottles with tap water. Because the couple felt he was was suspicious they did not leave his side all the time he was in their home. He left empty-handed.

The man was of mixed race, about 35, 5ft 7ins tall and of average build. He had short dark hair and was clean shaven. He had a tool box and was wearing dark trousers and a dark top with a ripped high visibility top.

Inspector Dan Russell, from Hastings neighbourhood policing team, said: “Although nothing was stolen, the couple followed their instincts by not leaving the man free to roam around their home unsupervised. By staying with him at all times they potentially protected their possessions from being stolen. If anyone comes to your door without a prior appointment, you do not have to let them into your home. If you do not think they are genuine, do not let them in. Always ask to see an identity card and if you are still unsure, call the company or organisation they are representing to see if that person is who they say they are.”

Anyone who has information about suspicious callers should email 101@sussex.pnn.police.uk, or call 101.