Warning over A21 delays this weekend

MOTORISTS are being warned of the possibility of delays on the A21 through Rother over the weekend because of long vehicles making their way across the county.

Officers from the Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit and the Highways Agency will be accompanying the first vehicle tomorrow (Saturday July 5) from 4.30am along the A21 from the Sussex-Kent border at Flimwell, south on the A-road through the Rother district to Hastings.

The vehicles will then turn right into Junction Road, left into The Ridge West and then into Queensway to the site.

Minor roads connecting to the A21, and to the roads that the convoy will move onto after the A-road, may have to be briefly closed as the large vehicles pass them but officers will be at the scene to try to keep traffic moving.

A second vehicle will be accompanied along the route from 9.30am on Saturday.

There will be three more convoys on the route on Sunday (6 July) starting at 4.30am, 9.30am and 11.30am.

More convoys are planned for the following weekend as well.

A police spokesman said: “We do not expect the vehicles to cause much disruption because they are not as long as others that we have escorted through East Sussex in recent weeks.

“Officers will accompany the vehicles along the way to ensure the route is safe for all road users and to minimise the affect of the journey as much as possible.

“We are not in charge of moving the vehicles, we are just making sure they are moved in a safe and controlled manner at a time when the roads are at their quietest.

“It would be too dangerous to move the vehicles when it is dark even though the roads would be more clear than in daylight.

“People in the area should prepare for some delay on their journeys although we hope to keep this to a minimum.”