Volunteer spooks needed to haunt Old Town

VOLUNTEERS are again needed to haunt the streets to provide a backdrop for Hastings’ popular ghost walks.

The Haunted Experiences team wants budding actors and actresses, who are not easily spooked, to take on the role as extras in the Old Town Ghost Walk tour.

Tina Brown, tours director, said: “We are looking for anyone to act as characters portrayed in the ghost stories. It’s great to have people interacting with the crowds. For example we need someone to play a Great Plague victim and really get into the acting.

“I’m looking for a whole wealth of people and a bit of acting experience would be good. It would be ideal if we got people who have been or currently are at drama school.”

Last summer Tina made a similar plea for volunteers but she has still been left with a skeleton crew.

She said: “Last year was really great and we have one good guy, Paul Goring, as a volunteer. But we only have him.

“I am already getting lots of bookings for the tours, which start again on Thursday, April 5, so we really need a team of people who will be primarily dressing up as ghosts in the various stories.

“They have got to have a sense of humour and have no inhibitions.”

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Tina on 07817 686781 or email her at hastingsspooks@hotmail.co.uk.