Visitors cheer as mum gives birth at play centre

Sarah Differ with baby Hope Differ-Mote
Sarah Differ with baby Hope Differ-Mote

A VISIT to a play centre for one heavily pregnant mother-of-two took an unexpected turn when she gave birth cheered on by a large crowd of well-wishers.

Sarah Differ, 34, of Whittington’s Way, went into labour without warning at Clambers, White Rock Gardens, and baby Hope was delivered soon after on the reception floor.

She said: “It was packed. There were people standing on tables, women crying, it was astronomical! When she was born there was a round of applause.”

Miss Differ had taken her two sons Archie, four, and Isaac, three, to Clambers where they met up with her twin sister Lucy Dargen who had taken her children to the centre. She said: “When I was there I had some twinges, but I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for the last five months of pregnancy, so didn’t think anything of it.”

At around 12.50pm her water broke suddenly, but here was no time to get to hospital, as the baby was already coming.

Her sister, and designated birth partner, took charge, and play centre staff rallied round and moved her to the reception area and a paramedic shortly arrived.

Debbie Guy, owner of Clambers, said that supervisor Georgina Loe, who plans to train to be a midwife, was leaning over the reception counter doing breathing exercises with Miss Differ.

She added: “The whole thing was quite surreal, I was trying to keep all the kids away, as they were more interested in a lady giving birth, than playing.”

Miss Differ said: “I just said to myself ‘There are so many children in this place, don’t scream!’ I’m really grateful to Clambers for letting me have my baby there.”

Just under an hour after she went into labour on December 21, Hope Anne Harriet was born, one week early, and weighing eight pounds.

Mother and baby were taken to the Conquest Hospital, but were able to return home the same day. Miss Differ is now back at home with her latest arrival.

She said Hope’s place of birth was registered as Clambers Play Centre to the surprise of the official at the registration centre, who had never seen such a bizarre place of birth entered.