VIDEO: Zombie Walk

YOU could be forgiven that the town looked like a scene straight from a horror movie on Saturday (October 26) as more than 300 zombies took park in the second annual 1066 Walk of the Dead zombie walk.

The undead gathered by the pier before walking to the town centre and Priory Meadow.

Zombie Walk, Hastings. 26/10/13'Video Stills.

Zombie Walk, Hastings. 26/10/13'Video Stills.

Members of Theatre Sense performed a rendition of Thriller, by Michael Jackson, before the zombies marched towards the seafront and paraded through the Old Town.

The event was organised by Duncan Nolan and Scott Bartholomew.

Duncan said: “We had a good turnout, as more than 300 people came. For an event that is just organised via Facebook it was absolutely amazing.

“Some people spent a lot of time with the latex to look all cut up and gory. The make-up was amazing.

“When the zombies walked through the Old Town lots of people came out to take photos.”

People then daced the night away at a zombie-themed disco at the Pig in Paradise.