VIDEO: Y-Front Run

MEN of all ages proudly displayed their pants at the inaugural Y Front Run held at Alexandra Park in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Around 120 took part in the event held on Sunday (September 29), the male equivalent to the annual Race for Life, with around 300 supporters cheering the runners around the 5k course.

Y-Front Run,  Alexandra Park, Hastings. 29/9/13

Y-Front Run, Alexandra Park, Hastings. 29/9/13

Costumes included Superman, the Smurfs, and “Pant Man”, the alias of a prostate cancer survivor.

The run was organised by Jo Brazier and Hollie Chant in conjunction with the cancer charity.

Jo said that the turn-out had exceeded their expectations, adding: “For the first one, it was just amazing, and the support we had from local companies was brilliant.

“It was amazing to see all these guys dressed in their pants; they got involved with so much enthusiasm, we were overwhelmed with how much effort they put in.”

She said that the plan was to build on the success of this year’s Y Front Run and host events across East Sussex and Surrey in the next year.

“We want to expand into five new towns every year, so we can make it as big as possible,” Jo said.

The total amount raised for Cancer Research UK is to be announced shortly.