VIDEO: Jack in the Green

Scorching weather saw thousands line the streets of the Old Town on Monday to watch the Jack in the Green procession.

The local tradition, now in its 35th year, sees Jack, a towering leaf covered figure bedecked with ribbons and crowned with flowers, dance through the streets.

Jack in the Green 2018

Jack in the Green 2018

He is followed by a colourful assortment of costumed characters, including green clad Bogies, chimney sweeps, Morris dancers and drummers.

The fine weather led to what is thought to be the largest crowd of spectators ever with many dressing in green and painting their faces to join in with the spirit of the event.

The day started at 10.15am when Jack burst out of the Fishermen’s Museum at Rock-a-Nore. The procession moved through the Old Town before making its way to the West Hill green for an afternoon of dancing and sunny celebrations.

The event came to a close late afternoon when the Jack was ceremoniously slain to release the spirit of summer and leaves were handed out to the gathered crowd for good luck.

Video by Justin Lycett