VIDEO: Hastings road still closed due to 5ft deep sinkhole

A Hastings road has been closed for several hours today due to a five-foot deep sinkhole.

Sussex Police and Highways officers were alerted to the sinkhole in Vicarage Road this morning and closed off the road.

Picture supplied by John Bownas

Picture supplied by John Bownas

A police spokesman said earlier: “The sinkhole is 4ft by 2ft and is 5ft deep, so it is quite deep. Police are on scene and Highways. The road is closed.”

Eyewitness Daniel Burton has since told the Observer he believes the road is not going to re-open until at least tommorow.

He added: "Emergency Services have left the scene on the side with St Georges Road, but there is currently a road closed traffic sign still in place."

Video supplied by John Bownas.