VIDEO: Builder smashes wall to save trapped cat

A PET cat has surely used up most of its nine lives after spending three days trapped in a cavity wall.

Monday, 1st June 2015, 4:08 pm
Builder Lee Cooper rescuing Domino the cat from this wall

Luckily its cries were heard by a builder who heroically demolished part of his own property to free it.

The dramatic footage, filmed on a GoPro by his son Jordan, shows builder Lee Cooper from Fishbourne near Chichester using a sledge hammer to smash a giant hole in the brick wall which joins the side of his garden to his neighbour’s house.

Shrieks can be heard coming from the terrified animal as Lee finally made a hole big enough for it to escape after two hours of trying.

Builder Lee Cooper rescuing Domino the cat from this wall

With the cavity gap only a couple of inches in width, the feline’s back legs were completely stuck but with a little help from Lee, it eventually managed to pull itself free to end a horrifying ordeal.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Lee. “I thought I had heard meowing the night before but when I checked there was nothing there.

“I was up about 6.30pm the next morning and went out to get something and heard the crying again, and that’s when I realised it was in the wall.”

It took Lee two hours of cutting and hammering to eventually get to the stricken animal free.

Domino (right) with friend and Arby recovering at home after his ordeal

Its back half was completely paralysed so he took it to AlphaPet Vets in Bognor, who were able to track down its owner because it had been chipped.

It turned out to belong to a near neighbour who lives around 500 metres away and who had put missing posters up after it had vanished on Wednesday, May 6, three days before being discovered.

Now safely back at his home, Domino the cat is said to be recovering well.

His owner said: “I had almost given up hope of finding him so I’m very relieved to have him home.

Domino (front) being cleaned by Arby after the pair were reunited

“The vet has said he has to stay inside for three weeks to recover and I have to stop him from doing any jumping.

“He’s got a way to go but the vets are pleased with his progress.

“I just think it’s the most amazing thing to do to make two big holes in your house to save a cat. I can’t say thank-you enough to him.”

To show her gratitude she has brought Lee a number of gifts but he refused her offer to pay for the repairs to his house and has fixed the damage himself already.

It remains a mystery how Domino ended up in the wall, with no obvious gaps either side, though his owner believes he could have been chased by a rival cat.