Vandals target Hastings cat re-homing charity

The RSPCA Bluebell Ridge Cat Rehoming Centre, Chowns Hill, Hastings was targeted by vandals on Sunday January 15.

The perpetrators approached the centre around 9:30pm, smashed external security lights and broke into the reception office.

Centre Manager, Myra Grove says thankfully none of the cats were harmed, adding: “However a lot of damage was done to the office where a window was forced open and another was damaged. The vandals entered the area and were scared off by the cattery’s alarm system.

“It was really upsetting to arrive to such a mess, and to think that someone is so desperate for a few pounds that they’ll steal from a charity.

“We are all very grateful that the cats are safe.”

Anyone who has any information on this incident is asked to call Sussex police on 101.

The Bluebell Ridge is owned and operated by the Sussex East and Hasting branch of the RSPCA. It is a separate charity within the national body and is entirely self-financed. Each year the branch has to raise over £150,000 to keep the cattery open.