'Uproar' as residents-only parking scheme proposed in Hastings

Michael Rock in Alpine Road, one of the streets where the scheme is proposed
Michael Rock in Alpine Road, one of the streets where the scheme is proposed

A resident has said the community is ‘in uproar’ following proposals to introduce a resident-only parking permit scheme in Hastings’ West Hill.

East Sussex County Council is holding a consultation to find out residents’ views on the scheme, which would affect roads including part of Priory Road, Collier Road, Alpine Road and Plynlimmon Road.

Someone has placed signs up in the roads urging people to vote 'no' to the scheme

Someone has placed signs up in the roads urging people to vote 'no' to the scheme

Under the scheme, households would have to purchase an annual resident permit - costing £75 for the first and £125 for the second - in order to park between 9am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

Michael Rock, a writer who has lived in Alpine Road in West Hill for more than a decade, said: “All the residents would have to pay for what we now get for free.

“It’s not going to stop people from parking, it’s just going to mean that everyone is going to have to pay.”

The council said the consultation follows a petition requesting the scheme from residents, who were concerned about parking difficulties caused by local workers, businesses and other visitors leaving their vehicles parked all day.

But according to Mr Rock: “That problem doesn’t really exist.”

He said there was a ‘natural flow’ of traffic in the streets and worried about the impact the scheme would have on local shops.

“I think the majority of people are against the scheme and are surprised its even being considered,” he said. “It’s got the community in uproar.”

In a letter to residents, the council said the proposal would prevent all day parking by non-permit holders and said there would be better access for emergency vehicles and public transport, as well as improved safety for all.

But Mr Rock is not the only resident opposed to the scheme - another resident or group has placed yellow signs around the streets urging people to vote 'no' to the proposal.

The consultation comes to a close on Friday, April 12.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “If the responses to the consultation show the majority of residents are in favour of a resident parking scheme, we will draw up more detailed maps for a further informal consultation in May.

“Feedback from that detailed informal consultation will determine whether the scheme progresses to the formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) stage.

“If a TRO is advertised we expect this to be around August 2019.

“Any objections received to the TRO consultation will be reported the county council planning committee for a final decision, on a date to be confirmed.

“While these kind of schemes have worked well in other areas, ultimately it’s a decision for residents in the affected area, so we’d encourage as many as possible to take part in the consultation, to ensure their views are heard.”

Residents affected should make their views known by returning the form sent out, emailing parking.escc@eastsussex.gov.uk or visitingwww.eastsussex.gov.uk/haveyoursay

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