Unwanted pregnancy is responsibility of all

THE MANAGER of youth project Respond Academy who has been asked to give evidence to a parliamentary enquiry into the issue of unwanted pregnancy, said that it fell to everyone to take responsibility.

Jc Mcfee will travel to Westminster to give evidence before the panel on October 16, and Respond has already submitted written evidence to the inquiry, which is chaired by MP Amber Rudd.

The cross-party enquiry was launched by Hastings MP Amber Rudd, Sandra Osbourne MP (Labour), and Lorely Burt MP (Liberal Democrat), and is supported by think tank 2020health.

Jc said: “This follows on from the work that we have already been doing, this is why we were involved.

“This enquiry has actually opened up a whole can of worms; it falls to all of us to take responsibility.

Jc and Respond Academy are ideally positioned to have an insight into the way that their young people view pregnancy, and what the consequences are of the decisions that they make.

“It is a massive issue, unwanted pregnancies, but for a majority of our young people it is not unwanted.”

She went on to say that for some girls falling pregnant is “the time of her life”.

“For the first time, the girl actually feels loved, but once the baby is born it changes.

“The love that they thought they were getting, they can suddenly see people have transferred to the baby.”

The support given to expectant parents also often dies away once the baby is born, and this is where ‘reality’ sets in, she said.

“However, we get some amazing stories of mums against the odds, it’s not all doom and gloom.”

At the oral evidence session on October 16, which is one of three in total, Jc will be joined by Simon Blake, chief executive of Brook, which provides free and confidential advice to young people, Hilary Panack, chief executive of Straight Talking Peer Education, and professor David Patton from Nottingham University.

MPs plan to present a report of their findings to the government before the Christmas break.