Unique concert grand piano arrives at the Opus Theatre

Polo Piatti with the new Phoenix piano at Opus Theatre. SUS-170808-154413001
Polo Piatti with the new Phoenix piano at Opus Theatre. SUS-170808-154413001

The Opus Theatre is already being considered one of the finest concert halls in the South East, in a Grade II listed building created for the best natural acoustics.

The theatre’s centrepiece, however, is the Phoenix Opus Concert Grand Piano – the venue’s new and special concert grand piano which arrived on Monday (August 7).

The piano is one of the most technologically advanced acoustic instruments in the world, officially baptised as the Phoenix Opus, in honour of the newly-launched venue.

The piano has been commissioned by Polo Piatti, the award-winning British-Argentine composer and concert pianist, who has recently launched the 700-seat Opus Theatre in the 19th century building in Cambridge Road. Polo is also founder and artistic director of the International Composers Festival in the UK, as well as founder and artistic director of the Hastings Sinfonia Orchestra.

The purchase of the piano was only possible because of a very generous donation from a donor that wishes to remain anonymous.

The Phoenix Opus is the only piano of its type in the world. A nine foot long grand concert piano, one tonne in weight, constructed using the latest Phoenix technology, including the biggest carbon-fibre soundboard in the UK.

To celebrate the arrival of this unique instrument in its new home, the Opus Theatre will host a very special event. There will be an afternoon recital by Russian virtuoso Anton Lyakhovsy, followed by an evening recital by British prodigy Oliver Poole.

Both programmes will include some of some of the most beautiful piano works by Rachmaninoff, Schumann, Wagner, Gershwin, and more.

The first performance starts at 3pm and the second at 7pm. Tickets are on sale from the Hastings Tourist Information Office, the Opus Theatre website and at the venue on the day, priced at £15 per recital or at a discounted price of £25 for both recitals.

Visit www.opustheatre.co.uk for more information.