UKIP storm home in Euro elections

Councillor Emily Westley ENGSUS00120120405081630
Councillor Emily Westley ENGSUS00120120405081630

UKIP has made massive strides in Europe pushing Labour and the Conservatives into second and third place in the South East MEP elections.

Nigel Farage’s part attracted almost 7,000 votes last Thursday in one of the highest ever electoral turnouts at 38.3 per cent.

Labour, whose candidates included local councillor Emily Westley, polled 6,427 votes returning just one MEP to Brussels.

And with the Tories at 4,794 votes, UKIP returned four MEPs to the EU parliament for the South East region.

Nationally the party is celebrating its best ever election up 11 seats on 2009 with 24, the biggest party for Great Britain.

The Harmony Party which included Terry Leach and Raymond Crick, both from St Leonards, attracted just 28 votes in total across the South East constituency.

The Euro count locally was held at Horntye Park Sports Complex yesterday (SUN).

Councillor Westley had spent 18 months travelling the length and breadth of the region from Milton Keynes to the Isle of Wight and visited every single council in the constituency.

The 37-year-old, who represents Hollington ward, said: “I stood because I was angry at the UKIP immigration issue.
“And I think we’ve made an impact across the South East. Labour kept its share of the vote locally.

“Hastings has done very well out of European funding such as the Hastings Fisheries Local Action Group, the Country Park and the refurbishment of our industrial estates. We need to keep that money coming in here.

“I enjoyed the experience but it has been very hard work.

“I want to thank all those people who turned out to vote for the party and the hard work will continue of the next few years.”

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