UFO expert lands on our TV screens tomorrow night

UFO article - Malcolm Robinson
UFO article - Malcolm Robinson

A PARANORMAL investigator will be putting himself in the picture tomorrow night (November 20) when he appears on television examining Scotland’s most famous report of a UFO.

Malcolm Robinson, who lives in the Old Town, Hastings has taken part in a documentary about the Livingston UFO “attack” which took place in 1979.

He will explain the bizarre case of local forester Robert Taylor who reported encountering an extraterrestrial spacecraft in woodland.

Mr Taylor, who died in 2007, reported a UFO hovering above a small clearing in the wood and two small mine-like objects dropped from beneath the craft which proceeded to roll across the grass and attack him.

According to the documentary, the police conducted a full investigation and to this day the case remains unsolved.

Malcolm will be shown at the scene of the Livingston UFO Incident describing to the viewers exactly what is believed to have happened that morning on November 9, 1979.

He will also be looking through the old newspaper archives of the case at the local West Lothian Courier in Bathgate.

“It is a fascinating case,” said Malcolm who is orignally from Tullibody near Falkirk. “I believe he encountered some form of foreign vehicle.

“I had to go up to the woods where it happened and also inspect cuttings from local papers.

“Viewers can expect to see a case that stands head and shoulders above any other in the world.”

The show is called UFOs, The Untold Story on the National Geographic channel starting at 8pm.

Malcolm will also be giving a lecture at the Cinque Port pub in All Saints Street this Saturday (Nov 24) starting at 12:30pm

He will be discussing one of Scotland’s major UFO Abduction cases, The A70 Incident.

Garry Wood and Colin Wright claimed they were abducted by aliens in 1992 from the outskirts of Edinburgh to the village of Tarbrax.