Two purses stolen in Hastings town centre

TWO purses were stolen in Hastings town centre between 1.30pm and 1.45pm on Monday (June 9).

The first theft is believed to have happened in Breeds Place, where someone unzipped a lady’s handbag and stole her purse. It contained bank cards, a driving licence and store cards.

A second theft is believed to have occurred in Wellington Square, and a purse with £200 inside was stolen from a rucksack being worn by the owner at the time.

A possible suspect is described as being a woman with a good tan, 20 - 25 years old, 5’ 4”, black hair worn in a short pony tail wearing a pink top and black leggings.

Inspector Chris Veale, of Hastings Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “Both of these locations are close together and the time frame would suggest that they are linked. This is the first time in a long while that pickpocket type offences have been reported.”

“Good practice is to make sure that your bag is held close to your body and if you have a bag with a long strap to wear it across your body. Be aware of the people around you: you never know who may be in the crowd.

“If bank cards are stolen, cancel these as soon as possible to stop the thief using them. Never keep PIN numbers or passwords in your purse or in your bag.

“It is always advisable to ask in nearby shops if a purse or wallet has been handed in. There are honest folk who will hand in found items. And of course always phone police on 101 to report an incident of theft.”