Two more acts added to the line-up for this summer’s inaugural Hastings Pride festival

The Doors Alive will perform at Hastings Pride 2017. SUS-170614-130703001
The Doors Alive will perform at Hastings Pride 2017. SUS-170614-130703001

Two more acts have been announced to perform at this summer’s inaugural Hastings Pride event.

As part of the organisers’ efforts to not just celebrate this year’s theme but to replicate the spirit and the feel of the Summer of Love, The Doors Alive will be taking to the stage to transport the audience back to the heady days of 1967.

Pure Magazine branded The Doors Alive “the closest thing possible” to the real deal.

Natasha Scott, arts and entertainment director for Hastings Pride, said: “We’ve gone to great lengths to get this incredible act for this year’s Hastings Pride.

“In our opinion, they are the best Doors tribute act in the world today.

“Imagine looking over the pier and sea on a beautiful summer evening.

“The reflection of the setting sun shimmering over the calm sea as it slowly disappears over the horizon. The haunting beauty of ‘Riders on the Storm’ is playing. It’s the Doors. It’s the Summer of Love. It’s Hastings Pride.”

Singer-songwriter Tim Arnold will also be joining the line-up and will be singing alongside the Hastings Pride Choir, which is being set up specially for this inaugural event.

Natasha said: “We are so thrilled to have Tim as his song ‘What Would Love Want’ exemplifies everything that we believe and most importantly echoes the messages that we are trying to get out there through Hastings Pride.

“We want this year’s Hastings Pride to bring people together and celebrate and embrace the beauty there is in our differences and Tim’s songs will be another way that we can do that.”

Tim is a campaigner for the preservation of Soho and its role in the enhancement of the performing arts.

He is the founder of Save Soho, a coalition of performers including Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch, residents and politicians that came together out of concern for the future of Soho’s historic role as a national platform for the performing arts.

He first achieved success as the singer and songwriter of Britpop band Jocasta in the mid-1990s and in 2015 he also appeared on The Voice and after auditioning, was selected by Ricky Wilson.

He runs the record label TA Music and has released 15 albums. He is also wrote the musical Secrets of Soho.

Hastings Pride will take place at The Oval, Bohemia Road, on August 27.

As previously announced, girl-group Stooshe will be headlining the event.