Twinning stalwart passes away

Eric Mornie
Eric Mornie

ONE of the driving forces behind Hastings’ links with Belgium has died.

Eric Mornie passed away, aged 81, in Oudenaarde.

He was for many years the secretary of the Hastings twinning committee in the Belgian town.

Together with his wife Olga, Mr Mornie regularly visited 1066 Country with twinning groups and also as one of the Oudenaarde representatives at the annual mayor making and Remembrance services.

He died on August 17.

Paul Cabban, former secretary of the Oudenaarde twinning committee in Hastings, said: “Eric was a perfect gentleman, a great organiser with a wicked sense of humour and a true friend to all those Hastings people who met him. Their home was always open to visitors who received a very warm and hospitable welcome.

“He will be sadly missed by his many friends in both countries.”

Eric’s funeral in Oudenaarde was attended by more than 500 people including representatives from Hastings.