TV show inspires Jane to shed weight

A fitness regime helped a Hastings woman shed 2.5 stone in just eight weeks.

Jane Whittaker lost 34.8lbs after taking on Hasting’s own version of the popular TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Jane was rewarded with a month’s Freedom Leisure Connected Membership and personal training sessions worth over £120.

Together, a group of seven local men and women took part and collectively lost over eight stone in just eight weeks

The contestants, aged 30-49, took part in the challenge losing a total of 115lb between them. Fighting the flab in two teams helped by Freedom Leisure personal trainers, the contestents took part in regular group training sessions, weigh-ins and regular weekly challenges culminating in a mini-triathlon.

The two teams, Julie’s Gems (Jane Whittacker, Ken Dullaway, Sara McHenry, Shahid Khan) who won the team title and lost a total of 62lb and The Purple Cobras (Emily Harris, Jayesh Makhecha and Lizzy Eatwell) who lost 53lb but won the most weekly challenges were thrilled with their efforts.

“I couldn’t have done it without the support of the other participants and Julie,” says Jane. “The whole team were great and we’ve become good friends. I’ve learnt so much and my attitude to both food and exercise have changed completely. It’s been a life changing experience.”

Freedom Leisure Centre Manager Nicole White said: “I would like to congratulate all the contestants who worked really hard to complete the challenge and lose weight. They should be very proud of their achievements.”

Deputy Mayor Councillor Judy Rogers lent her support at the final weigh in on 5th July presenting participants with certificates.

Applications are now open for the next Hasting’s Biggest Loser which kicks off in September. For more information visit To sign up for the next challenge visit or email