TV lotto winner makes donation

A RETIRED firefighter has donated a new opthalmoscope to the Frank Shaw maternity ward at Conquest Hospital after winning big on the BBC programme, National Lottery: In it to win it.

John Tewkesbury won £30,000 on the popular BBC lottery programme, hosted by Dale Winton, in November 2012.

The former firefighter’s wife, Jayne, has worked for the Frank Shaw maternity ward for some 23 years as a maternity support worker.

John said: “I wanted to give some my prize money to the Conquest where my wife works. We asked them what they needed and they chose the opthalmoscope.”

In it to win it, which was first broadcast in 2002 and is the longest running game show to accompany the lottery, involves five contestants competing for their chance to win a big cash payout.

John’s success came down to correctly answering a single question about Gatwick Airport.

He said:“I just couldn’t believe it. Me and my wife use that airport to go on holiday. I nearly fell off my chair.

“Being on the show was brilliant and I was very lucky! I was just so happy to win that sort of money. We managed to go away on holiday and have done all kinds of things, it’s a life-changing amount.”

The new £300 opthalmoscope, which will be used to check the health of babies’ eyes, was presented to the hospital on February 19. Midwifery matron Melanie Southwood said: “We would like to thank John for his generosity in donating this much needed piece of equipment.

“The scope will be used for checking new born babies eyes before they leave hospital.”