Tributes paid to caring young mother Danielle

THE FRIENDS of a young woman who took her own life have paid her a moving tribute.

Danielle Smith, 23, from Warrior Square, St Leonards committed suicide last June at the tender age of just 23.

Coroner Alan Craze concluded Danielle died after taking her own life while the balance of her mind was disturbed.

Her friend Jenny Coleman told the Observer: “Danielle was an unstoppable, irrepressible force of nature and a whirlwind who kept you on your toes.

“She was strong willed, independent, smart, funny, caring and massively misunderstood. Life didn’t always deal her the best hand, but she knew how to play the game. For all the black holes in her life she fought an epic battle, overcoming obstacles which would have broken the strongest of people.

“She loved horoscopes, born in October she was a Libra, but was insistent she was a Scorpio, abandoning balance for a tough exterior and a sting in her tail. She loved music, Arsenal FC, Tetley Tea and putting black pepper on everything. Danielle had many jobs, but none gave her more satisfaction or completion than being a mother.

“Her Facebook was often filled with comments about her daughter Tiaa such as “All my wishes came true when u came in to my life n i love u to the end my beautiful.”

Sophie Stretten said: “It was such a pleasure that I was your friend, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.”

Tara Connell said: “I will always miss and love her. She was a good mum, she’s an angel now, the brightest star in the sky.”

Sam Rawlinson added: “None of us that ever crossed paths with Danielle will ever forget her or her laugh.”