Passengers were '˜rude and vile' to Bexhill station attendant after rail death

A Hastings woman who was stuck at Bexhill station after a man was hit by a train on Saturday night has thanked the '˜amazing' station attendant for her professionalism in dealing with '˜disgruntled passengers'.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 5:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 5:13 pm
Lisa Neal has thanked a Southern Rail station attendant for her professionalism after a person was hit by a train at Warrior Square

Lisa Neal, 36, arrived at the station at 10pm – almost two hours after a man was hit by a train at Warrior Square.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Trains were delayed and cancelled for the remainder of Saturday as emergency services shut the line to carry out investigations.

Lisa, along with other passengers, was stuck at Bexhill station until 1am when they were provided a taxi following the hard work of Jane, the station attendant.

Lisa said: “A lovely lady called Jane was manning the Bexhill station by herself and was having all manner of disgusting behaviour thrown at her by disgruntled passengers who seemed more interested in their journey home than sparing a thought for the poor soul at Warrior Square station.

“Southern Rail did nothing to help this station attendant. She was amazing, even running out into the road to flag down taxis that Southern Rail assured her had been arranged.

“I was at Bexhill station between 10pm and we finally got in a taxi at 1am, as the replacement bus had gone all the way to Eastbourne and refused to come back.

“Jane, thank you so much for your professionalism in the face of such poor assistance from the company you work for. You did us all a great service and got us home.”

Lisa acknowledged that while what happened on Saturday night could not have been helped, Southern ‘should hang their heads in shame’ for the way they treated their staff member when she needed support.

A spokesman for Southern said: “We are very sorry that a passenger was stranded at Bexhill because of the fatality near St Leonards.

“We are grateful to our station staff member who stayed on duty and ordered a taxi immediately for the passenger.

“We regret that this took far longer to arrive than should be expected, and are taking this up with the taxi firm.”

Lisa said Jane was still at the station at 1am trying to get all the passengers home, despite finishing her shift at midnight, due to a delay with the taxis.

Lisa added: “(She) even stayed to clear the mess passengers had left.

“That poor station attendant was pushed to the brink of her patience because you (Southern) didn’t help her and it took you three hours to deliver the help she had asked for many hours in advance.

“The poor lady was saved by the Bexhill street pastors who turned up and calmed the crowds and handed out hot drinks.

“Jane must have made 50 plus phone calls to her bosses at Southern Rail trying to get help and sort the situation but they couldn’t of cared less. Jane needs a pay rise and a medal after the hell she endured for us last night.

“She was sworn at, threatened and screamed at by people stranded at the station. I couldn’t not stand up for her.

“She was frantically trying to help everyone and she was amazing. It annoyed me that people old enough to know better were so rude and vile to a middle aged lady who was intent on helping everyone regardless.”

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