Lack of bus information leaves workers waiting in wrong place

COMMUTERS struggled to get to work on time on Monday morning after they were left waiting in the wrong place for a replacement bus service at Ore train station.

Up to a dozen passengers queued up outside the entrance in Hughenden Road at 6am and waited patiently for 30 minutes for their bus to arrive. Passengers were unable to reach posters at the station giving them information about the bus service to Ashford and were unaware their bus was leaving from around the corner in Mount Pleasant Road.

The station approach had been fenced off while engineering work takes place in the Ore tunnel over the next two months. Southern staff are now in the process of placing posters on the fence approaching the station.

Civil servant Julia Harris, 29, from Hastings, said: “I think it’s disgraceful that people without internet access or people who are not regular rail users, are inconvenienced because they cannot access information whatsoever at the station. At least 10 people were waiting at 6.15am on Monday for the 6am and then the 6.20am replacement service which never arrived. Eventually two taxis came at 6.35am. When I spoke to the person in charge of the replacement service at Hastings he told me that I should’ve spoken to someone at Ore station. He wasn’t even aware that it is unmanned.”

Chris Hudson, Southern spokesman, said: “We apologise to passengers who were unable to board the rail replacement bus they intended to at Ore station.

“Unfortunately, the approach to Ore station has been fenced off by Network Rail which does not allow passengers to access the station to see the poster giving details of replacement buses. We are in the process of ensuring a poster detailing replacement bus arrangements at Mount Pleasant Road is displayed on the fence on the approach to the station.”

Gary Gaskarth, Network Rail spokesman, said: “This was an unfortunate oversight which we have now worked with Southern to resolve. We apologise to passengers who faced further disruption to their journeys as a result of being unable to view the information posters.”