Hastings man suffers severe injuries after crash

Alan Apps
Alan Apps

A FATHER has been left hospitalised for up to three months after he was knocked down by a car outside the Conquest.

Alan Apps, of Pine Avenue, suffered two fractures to his ankle, broken ribs, and a fracture to his hand.He also broke his pelvis in two places, as well as suffering from cuts and bruises.

Mr Apps, 64, who works at Marshal Tufflex, also had an operation on his leg on Tuesday as a result of the accident.

He was knocked down by a Mercedes being driven by a 95-year-old man on Tuesday, July 26.

Mr Apps’s daughter, Cheryl Mockridge, of Park Way, said: “Dad had just come out of the hospital after attending an outpatients appointment.

“He was having his hearing aids retuned before heading for work.

“Dad approached the zebra crossing by the A&E department to cross the road to the car park. A car came out of the car park and stopped to let him get across.”

She said the elderly motorist came off the roundabout towards the crossing when the accident happened.

Mrs Mockridge said: “A pocket of air escaped from dad’s lungs into the lung casing, causing him breathing difficulties and cuts and bruises all over his body. The two breaks in his pelvis have to heal on their own so this involves being bedridden for up to three months.

“After this dad will have to be in a wheelchair for quite some time afterwards, as he can’t be weight bearing on either side of his body. We don’t know when he will be able to return to work.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said the investigation into last Tuesday’s accident was still ongoing.