Southeastern proposing to end train services to and from Ore


Hastings Borough Council is opposing plans to remove all Southeastern services from Ore, including the direct services to Charing Cross and Cannon Street.

Council leader Cllr Peter Chowney said the company, in its latest timetable consultation document, has said it proposes to end all of its services from/to Ore from May 2020.

He added: “We have said in our response that we have real concerns about this proposal.

“Ore is close to some of the most deprived areas of Hastings, itself the most deprived town in south east England, and the withdrawal of through rush-hour services between Ore and London will impact upon this area.

“With direct peak hour trains to London replaced by a potentially unreliable service from Eastbourne, the economic regeneration of this area could be inhibited, making it less attractive for employers and for those considering moving to the area.

“It will also be a significant inconvenience to those who already live here and depend on this train service.

“We believe that the efficiency savings to Southeastern are minimal, but the social cost could be disproportionately high, and we urge Southeastern to reconsider this proposal.”

The consultation period closes on Monday, September 9.

In its consultation document, Southeastern said: “Ore station is currently served by both Southern and Southeastern. Three Southeastern services call at Ore station, during peak times when our network is exceptionally busy.

“Our analysis indicates that rolling stock could be better deployed elsewhere on the network to make use of this spare capacity and as a result we propose withdrawing the three Southeastern services which call at Ore, from the May

2020 timetable.”

These are the 06:16 Ore to Charing Cross, which will start from Hastings, the 06:40 Ore to Charing Cross, which will start from Hastings and the 18:26 Cannon Street to Ore, which will terminate at Hastings.

Southeastern said in its consultation document: “With the recent increase in Southern services from Ore, as well as connections to Highspeed services via Ashford, usage of services from Ore are extremely low on the three Southeastern services – less than 15 passengers on each of the 06:16 and 06:37 services between Ore and Hastings.

“In addition to this, the evening service from 18:26 from Cannon Street to Ore has extremely low usage – on average five passengers use this service between Hastings and Ore.

“Local feedback has indicated a strong interest in an earlier service from Ore towards Eastbourne and, as a result, Southern have agreed to start the 06:10 Hastings to Victoria service from Ore at 06:06, providing an earlier service for Ore users.

“Southern will continue to serve Ore and users will be able to connect to Southeastern services at Hastings. Faster connections to London (32 minutes quicker) will remain available for Ore users via Ashford.”

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