Hastings conference looks at potential route of new seafront ‘mini-tram’

Hastings Seafront/Fishermen's Beachh
Hastings Seafront/Fishermen's Beachh

Hastings Borough Council hosted a conference last week about sustainable transport.

The event was part of the DESTI-SMART programme (Delivering Efficient Sustainable Tourism with low-carbon transport Innovations: Sustainable Mobility, Accessibility and Responsible Travel), which is an Interreg Europe project led by Thessaloniki in Greece, with other partners in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Cyprus and the UK.

Delegates met in the council chamber and discussed low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist destinations, with each partner presenting their problems and potential solutions.

Delegates also went on a study tour of the Old Town, including both the West Hill and East Hill lifts, and the seafront, looking at the potential route of a new sustainable public transport service between the Old Town and West St Leonards.

Cllr Peter Chowney, leader of Hastings Borough Council, said: “Hastings has benefitted considerably from European funding over the years, and continues to do so. We are using our participation in this programme to explore options for low carbon and sustainable transport along the seafront, so as to more effectively link The Stade in the Old Town and West St Leonards.

“This will include a feasibility study, and the development of a business case.

“Currently this journey is impossible by bus without changing vehicles en route, which is a real barrier to visitors wanting to explore the whole seafront. This project will enable us to consider pilot schemes, which if successful could be used elsewhere.

“And not only will we share our experience with our European partners, we also hope to learn from them too.”

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