Dad’s shock at travel advice picture of woman standing on railway track

Scott Lepine with his ten-year-old daughter
Scott Lepine with his ten-year-old daughter

A concerned father from Rye said he was ‘appalled’ after the county council used a picture of a young woman standing on railway tracks alongside travel advice for young people.

Train driver Scott Lepine said he spent considerable time educating his ten-year-old daughter Holly on railway safety only to see a picture he described as irresponsible.

The picture Mr Lepine described as 'appalling'

The picture Mr Lepine described as 'appalling'

The picture appears under the Travel subheading on – a county council website which offers young people advice on a range of subjects including money .

Mr Lepine, who works for Southern, said: “I think it’s absolutely crazy. I have spent considerable time educating my daughter in railway safety so to then be faced with this on a website aimed at students and younger children is appalling.

“I cannot see the point of it. I showed it to my wife who is also a train driver and she was equally shocked it was on there.

“The picture needs to be taken down as it should not have been there in the first place.”

Mr Lepine said he came across the picture while researching travel arrangements for his daughter who moves to secondary school next year.

He added: “As a train driver I was disgusted to come across this picture on the website that is there to assist students with reduced rate travel.

“In the line of work I am in, you see some things but it’s not what you expect children to come face to face with. I have experienced a fatality first hand in circumstances similar to the way the picture shows as well.

“I certainly didn’t expect to find that and I find it totally irresponsible.”

East Sussex County Council has been approached for comment.

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