Traders help keep lifeboats afloat with generous donation

Traders support lifeboat SUS-180514-101454001
Traders support lifeboat SUS-180514-101454001

Jacky Pratt and Ian Porter of the High Street Traders made a substantial donation to the ‘MacBean and Bishop Trust’ to help with the upkeep of both the Priscilla MacBean and Cyril and Lilian Bishop lifeboats, which are on display in the Old Town.

The Priscilla MacBean had a new mast fitted recently and has new sails made by Old Towner Tush Hamilton.

Dee Day White, from the MacBean and Bishop Lifeboat Trust, said: “We are very grateful. This will go a long way to the maintaining the boats and their Spring clean and general upkeep.”

Pictured, left to right, are Bev White, Secretary to the Trust, Judy Rogers. Mayor of Hastings and Patron to the boats, and Jacky Pratt and Ian Porter.

Picture by Sid Saunders.

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