Town rolls out the red carpet for visiting Aussie cricket team

Visiting cricket team SUS-180706-081950001
Visiting cricket team SUS-180706-081950001

Hastings rolled out the red carpet for an Australian cricket team which made the long journey to play here.

The Northern Suburbs Cricket Club from Australia are in the Hastings area as part of their UK Tour 2018.

While here they will be playing cricket at the Crowhurst Park Cricket Club ground. This will be the fourth visit to the Hastings area for some of the club members. On Tuesday morning Hastings Mayor Nigel Sinden gave them a tour of the Town Hall and gave a talk on the history of the Town. It was then the turn of the Hastings Town Crier John Bartholomew to take the visitors up to Hastings Castle where they enjoyed a film about 1066 and after they explored the ruins of the Castle until they were given complementary tickets for the West Hill Lift. Picture by Sid Saunders.

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