Town‘ hotspot for repossession’

HASTINGS is a regional ‘hotspot for repossession’ according to national housing chairty, Shelter.

The town ranks number six in regional rates of repossession, with one in every 89 households in the town affected.

And Shelter, which has based its statistics on Government data, reports that last year there were 461 mortgage and landlord possesssion claims in the town.

Regionally, more than 26,000 homes are at risk of eviction or repossession according to the housing charity.

Liz Clare, helpline adviser for Shelter, said: “We’re hearing from a growing number of people who’ve reached crisis point and picked up the phone, often with the court papers in their hand.

“It’s natural to hope mounting bills and arrears will go away, but the best thing to do is get expert advice straight away. There’s absolutely no shame in getting help and a specialist adviser can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “These staggering figures show just how many families in the South East go through the trauma of learning that their home is at risk, every single week. People are hearing that the economy is recovering, but we’re seeing the reality that many families across the country are still battling to keep their heads above water and keep their homes. Just one thing such as a job loss or serious illness can tip any of us in to a downward spiral that puts our home at risk. Our message is that no one should battle alone.

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