MORE THAN 100 pooches paraded their stuff on Monday at the Hastings, St Leonards and East Sussex Canine Society's second annual show in Alexandra park.

Wednesday, 1st September 2004, 10:37 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:21 pm

Of the 117 dogs, there was everything from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands competing in pedigree, novelty and obedience classes.

Jean McGlashan, secretary, said: "It was nice to see so many people in the park with their dogs. It is only the second year we have done it but the number of dogs entering was up, so hopefully it will now become an event in the town's calendar."

PEDIGREE CLASSES: The judge was Mrs Pat Banks. Winners were:

1. AV PUPPY: 1st Carter's min. Schnauzer "Tizzie", 2nd Jacqueline Goodacre's Dachshund (min. S/H) "Phoebe", 3rd Bambrook's Doberman 'Star".

2. AV SPORTING: 1st Hickie's S/H Dachshund "Clarissa', 2nd Austin's Golden Retriever "Marnee", 3rd Louise Bean's Whippet "Davy".

3. AV NON SPORTING: 1st Anne Fuller's CKCS "Pippa", 2nd Mrs M Keeky's Min Poodle "Duke", 3rd Lesley Keeky's GSD "Gnahla".

4. AV OPEN: 1st Catherine Fuller's Australian Shepherd "Quest", 2nd Carter's Min. Schnauzer "Monty", 3rd Austin's Golden Retriever "Mareeka".

5. AV VETERAN: 1st Lesley Keeley's GSD "Ami", 2nd Thompson's Whippet "Jaye", 3rd Mrs Darlington's Poodle "Chip".

Mrs Banks then awarded Hickie's S/H Dachshund "Clarissa" Best Pedigree In Show with Anne Fuller's CKCS "Pippa" Reserve Best Pedigree In Show. Carter's Min. Schnauzer "Tizzie" was Best Puppy in Show.

NOVELTY CLASSES: The Judge was Peter Banks.

6. BEST NON-PEDIGREE PUPPY: 1st Anast's Terrier X "Mister". 2nd Lesley Pietrobon Pug/Chihuahua X "Sampson", 3rd Dan Rolland's Chi/Pom X "Mr Big"

7. BEST NON-PEDIGREE: 1st Jean Craske's Cross Breed "Kylie', 2nd Sue Stevens' GSD X Anatolian "Sabre", 3rd Lesley Pietrobon Pug/Chihuahua X "Sampson".

8. BEST NON-PEDIGREE VETERAN: 1st The Taylor Family's Lab/Collie X "Tom", 2nd Julia Freeman's Jack Russell X "Hooch"

9. BEST RESCUE: 1st Wilson's Shar-pei "Harry", 2nd Sue Stone's GSD "Tara", 3rd Mark Roger's Greyhound "Diesel"

10. PRETTY BITCH: 1st Maggi Hyde's French Bulldog "Lola", 2nd Austin's Golden Retriever "Mareeka", 3rd Anne Fuller's CKCS "Katie"

11. HANDSOME DOG: 1st Arnanda Brown's Lhasa Apso "Smudge", 2nd Jan Nash's American Cocker "Coco", 3rd. Debbie Simes' Dalmation "Jake".

12. APPEALING EYES: 1st Mel Reid's Yorkshire Terrier "Tilly", 2nd Rachel Brown's Australian Shepherd "Phoenix", 3rd Anne Fuller's CKCS "Katie"

13. BEST CONDITION (LONG COAT): 1st Catherine Fuller's Australian Shepherd "Stiiff", 2nd Mrs Keeley's Min. Poodle "Duke", 3rd Anne Fuller's CKCS "Katie"

14. BEST CONDITION (SHORT COAT): 1st Nelson's Whippet "Phyllida", 2nd Jean Craske's Cross breed "Kylie", 3rd Lesley Pietrobon's Pug /Chi X "Sampson".

15. MOVEMENT: 1st Lesley Keeley's GSD "Gnahla", 2nd Boydell's Afghan "Dixie", 3rd Thomson'e Whippet "Tilley".

16. IRISH BRACE: 1st Jan Nash with Coco & Davy (American Cocker & Whippet), 2nd Mrs V Harrison with Charlie & Sooty (Bearded Collie & Scottie), 3rd Leah Dickison with Elvis & Teddy (Lhasa Apso & XBreed)

17. THE DOG THE JUDGE WOULD LIKE TO TAKE HOME: 1st Lesley Pietrobon Pug/ChiX "Samson", 2nd Amanda Brown's Lhasa Apso "Smudge", 3rd Rachel Brown's Australian Shepherd "Phoenix".

18. DOGS NOT TO HAVE WON A 1ST ON THE DAY: 1st Terri's Labrador "Doris", 2nd Mary Perry's Lurcher "Olive", 3rd Taylor Family's Lurcher "Honey".

19 CDC (Best Condition): 1st Austin's Golden Retriever "Marnee', 2nd Austin's Golden Retriever "Mareeka".

Peter Banks then made Amanda Brown's Apso "Smudge" Best Novelty In Show with Lesley Pietrobon's Pug/Chi X Reserve Best Novelty.

OBEDIENCE: Lesley Thomas judged these classes and her winners were:

20. TRYERS & HOPEFULS: 1st Catherine Fuller's Australian Shepherd "Quest", 2nd Vanessa Harrison's Beardie "Charlie", 3rd Mrs R Bennett's Australian Shepherd "Hoby".

21. INTERMEDIATE: 1st Ian Richardson's Beardie "Shane", 2nd Norma Simpkins Working Sheepdog "Bonnie", 3rd Sally Flood's Border Collie "Thebe".