Toddler to take part in 1k walk for young Theo

A young boy from Hastings will be taking on a 1k walk in Alexandra Park to help raise money for a partially-sighted 23-month old boy.

Oscar North will join more than 40 mums and toddlers across the country in the 1k Toddle for Theo on March 1.

Theo was born on March 9, 2013 and at just six weeks old, was registered partially-sighted. He suffers from high myopia, also known as short-sightedness, and nystagmus, which is a condition of involuntary eye movement.

Theo has set a target of raising £13,500 - £3,500 to see The Family Hope Center doctors for a full two days in April, £5,000 for a hyperbaric chamber to get more oxygen to help heal his brain and £5,000 for an electrode suite (the moolli suit) to help relax his shoulders and hips.

The Family Hope Center is based in the USA and on a previous meeting with Theo, gave him a programme of activities that he needs to do six hours a day for five days a week. A second visit would allow Theo to have a more in-depth programme.

Oscar has set up a Just Giving page with the aim of raising £150 to help his friend Theo reach his target. To donate, or to read more of Theo’s story, visit the website at