This show is sure to be ‘mental’

Welcome to an Evening with Ritchie Hypnotix The Mentalist.

A highly interactive performance, An Evening With Ritchie Hypnotix (Campbell) The Mentalist is one of the most amazing live shows you will ever see.

Debunking the myths behind the tricks and gimmicks that have fooled audiences for centuries, The Mentalist offers an incredibly astounding, yet candid performance of true mentalism that must be seen to be believed.

An Evening With The Mentalist is a performance that will undoubtedly leave you wondering if mankind has only scratched the surface of our potential, as he takes you on a journey through the wonders of the human mind!

Time and time again stunned audiences ask themselves “How does he do it?” He’s not a psychic. He’s not an illusionist. He doesn’t use any magic tricks, employ audience plants, or use hidden ear pieces. So what exactly is he?

Takes place in the back bar Tiki lounge at The Pig in Paradise.

Tickets are £5 and available to buy at The Pig In Paradise.

To book ring the Ticket Hotline 07754 682263.