This is how clean the sea water is in Hastings and St Leonards

Hastings beach
Hastings beach

A sample of sea water from Hastings and St Leonards has been tested to determine how clean the water is.

The results of the project – organised by Defra – found that the bathing water collected from Pelham Beach, in Hastings, was ‘sufficient’ – the joint-lowest rating obtained in Sussex.

In St Leonards, the sample of water collected was found to be ‘excellent’.

In neighbouring Bexhill, the water was also found to be ‘sufficient’.

Results in the South East showed the highest ever ratings in Defra’s Bathing Water summer sampling regime.

A total of 58 out of the region’s 83 bathing water achieved ‘excellent’ compared to 55 last year.

Another 21 were ‘good’, four ‘sufficient’ and none were found to be poor.

In Sussex, there 16 ‘excellent’ water, eight ‘good’ and three ‘sufficient’.

Dr Alison Hoyle, Southern Water’s director of risk and compliance, said: “Water at the beaches around our coast has never been cleaner. The trend of improvement has continued again in 2019 thanks to the collaborative approach taken between councils, regulators, charities and Southern Water.

“It is hard to believe that 30 years ago only 41 per cent of beaches in the region met the ‘sufficient’ standard.”

Southern Water has invested more than £32 million on improving bathing waters in the past five years.

Dr Hoyle added: “We have an important role to play but there are a diverse range of pollutions which can impact water quality – contaminated rainwater running off roads and agricultural land, wastewater from privately owned treatment works, boats and animals on the beach such as dogs and seabirds all play a part.

“That’s why it is so important for all parties to work together – these result show the power of cooperation.”