Thief targeting motorbikes

A SERIAL thief is tageting mopeds and motorbikes in the central St Leonards, Hollington and Silverhill areas.

Police have received reports of 11 thefts of mopeds and 125cc motorcyles and three where attempts have been made to steal bikes.

The thefts have mainly happened overnight but some couple of bikes have also gone missing during the afternoon.

Thieves appear to be targeting the mopeds and motorcycles on an opportunistic basis, essentially picking ones with no locks or those parked in more secluded locations.

Chief inspector Paul Phelps, Hastings district commander, said: “We are concerned that these thefts will continue so we are doing everything within our power to stop this from happening in our town.

“It is thought that these crimes are being committed by the same people and we are investigating every avenue to tackle this latest series.

“To combat the thefts I am increasing the number of officers on foot patrol in key areas of the community to deter thieves and reassure residents. “The neighbourhood police teams are providing victims of moped and motor bike crime with locks and we will be scouring the streets for vulnerable looking bikes and notifying the owners to make them safer.

“I wish to reiterate the ‘Lock your Motorcycle’ message, ideally to street furniture, ensure your steering lock is applied and fit a disc lock as well.”

“If you have any information or heard some snippet of local gossip about who is responsible call Sussex Police on 101 quoting Operation Arc. Together we can stop this.”