There’s so much more to Hastings than a battle from the history books

By Ian David Baker
By Ian David Baker

ANNOUNCED last week was the launch of a council initiative to promote the town to a wider audience.

“Famously Hastings” plays on the fact that Hastings is widely known for the events of the year 1066, but that there are many other things unique to the town.

We asked readers for their ideas and photographs of what is “Famously Hastings”, and here is a selection.

Shirley Castleman, of Belmont Road, said: “To talk up Hastings you can start with the town hall, a magnificent building. There is the Old Town, the fishing fleet, and fishing huts, the West Hill lift and East Hill lift.

“If you wish to go further afield there is the country park, not forgetting our wonderful Alexandra Park in town.

“This is a town with a lot going for it and it caters for everyone’s needs.”

Sally Barber, of Stonefield Road, said: “Quirky, with a diversity of folk - great regular and no town can match those - BUT poor promotion due to lack of a better Tourist Office (which was excellent before being messed up) - plenty of empty shops so come on we need it, and so do the visitors!”

Comments online:

Christian: “Hastings is really only famous in the real and global sense for one thing; Battle of Hastings.

“Having said that, more should be done to promote Europe’s largest beach launched fishing fleet, and the beautiful Old Town.

“We also need to get a proper music venue going again (I know the Crypt is opening again so that’s something), a venue that can attract bigger artists. If the alternatives are there, people will come.

“And I also have to get back to the most important thing and that is the infrastructure. Hastings need faster trains to London and Gatwick.

“These two things are vital for visitors and businesses and the sooner this can happen, the better.”

jamesdleonard: “The campaign seems like a good idea, Hastings probably is the most famous town in the English-speaking world (not counting cities, presumably).

“It’s good to see that some people are making an effort to get it recognised as the wonderful place it is.”

Tanya Pilkington via Facebook: “1066, its Old Town, the fishing industry and smugglers, to name a few!”

@HastingsandSLs Progressive Hastings: @HastingsObs Tell Hastings Observer that #Hastings is famous for Robert Tressell.

Photographer Ian David Baker: “Hastings is a variety of surprising contrasts.”