The wonder of Christmas

Little Ridge School's nativity
Little Ridge School's nativity

CHILDREN across town have been performing the nativity story and celebrating Christmas with fun parties.

Youngsters from Little Ridge School acted out their nativity production, Not Such a Silent Night, last Wednesday in front of parents, and pupils at All Saints Junior School staged its Christmas play before breaking up for the festivities.

The show was called Five Gold Rings and centred on the idea that the real meaning of Christmas was lost, in the form of the rings, and that two children had to work out the true meaning: giving, oneness, listening to others, and positive actions over the festive season.

All Saints School children also held their annual Christmas carol service last Thursday at a packed All Saints Church.

It featured nativity scenes from all year three pupils, together with dance and poetry from children in year four.

Toddlers at Gables Nursery in St Leonards were treated to a Christmas party, presents and games last Thursday, as well as making hats and decorated biscuits.

Around a dozen children at St Nic’s Nursery in London Road, St Leonards, enacted the story of Jesus’ birth while it was read out.

And youngsters were treated to a festive party with fun and games at Hollington Play and Support Centre.

Meanwhile, Westfield Playgroup held its annual nativity play and raffle last Wednesday. The toddlers portrayed a nativity scene and sang festive songs, led by the new playgroup manager Julie Guest.

More than £200 was raised through the raffle.